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Bollywood’s Centenary Celebrations - PZ survey

On may 13 this year bollywood completes 100 years. 13th may 1913 was the day when dada saheb phalke’s ‘raja harishchandra’ held its 1st commercial show at mumbai. (though ‘pundalik’ was made a year earlier) so on the occasion of the ‘bollywood centenary celebration i am starting the biggest survey of PZ (depending off course on your response) that will cover the best of all categories – and i am starting with the biggest category – the greatest films of 100 years of bollywood.
those of you who have not watched many old films/actors etc need not worry. to correct any biases that arise out of audience profile, exposure or preferences i am building in ‘corrective measures’. to correct the old vs new bias that usually plagues a survey conducted amongst younger viewres, the technique is to multiply the score of all films with the gap between 2013 and their release year. for instance the score of mughal e aazam will be multiplied by 53, the score of sholay will be multiplied by 38 and the score of 3 idiots will be multiplied by 4.
to correct the profile based biases (pz is on the net which is used by 10% indians of mostly upper socio economic class) the score of all films will be multiplied by their boxoffice status/score. For instance a movie that was at number 1 in top films of its year will be multilpied by 10 and the film at no 10 will be multiplied by 1.

The scoring is very simple. All you have to do is put up a COUNTDOWN  of ten greatest films of 100 years of bollywood. You can write a few lines as to why u like the film or simply put up just a list. The movie at no 1 gets a score of 10, the movie at no 10 gets a score of 1. After multplying by the ‘ number of gap years’ and then by ‘box office status’ number all score will be divided by 100 to get a smaller (more managable) number as score

I am planning to cover one category each week (best film, best actor male/female, best music, etc) and the results will be out each week.

Your list has to be in a COUNTDOWN format and two movies cant share a spot so it has to be just 10 films. If 2 movies share a spot then I will simply take the 1st movie.

The 1st comment in this series of posts will be MY countdown. Since ‘corrective measures’ have been already taken, I am not applying my footfall theory and simply listing my fave films. So can you.

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