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I can't beg and lick an actor's feet to cast him: Anil Kapoor

While cat fights have been a cliché in our tinsel town, Bollywood heroes fighting off-screen still remain a taboo. After hitting Hollywood with his 'Chaivaala' appraised act, Anil kapoor made headlines for being in a cold war with the B-town Khiladi Kumar recently. Now he seems to have washed down the news by visiting the sets of 'Boss', where Akshay was apparently shooting. 

Before, when Anil Kapoor was asked about his status of being a producer, Anil told "Akshay Kumar had asked me why I wasn't asking him to work with me. I told him, "Dekh bhai, main kisika chamcha nahi hoon. I need the same kind of passion in an actor. If we have that, we'll work together. I can't beg and please, neither will I lick an actor's feet to cast him." 

Later Kumar was believed to have taken digs of Kapoor about his sidelined roles in his flicks like Tezz and Race2 by Ajay Devgan and Saif Ali Khan respectively. To clear the air, both of them patched up at the sets of 'Boss', therefore giving a full stop to further related rumors.

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