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Aashiqui 2 Movie Reviews - 2013

Here are the latest comments from the users of the sites leading critics and Bollywood film "Aashiqui 2" of Bollywood. Aashiqui 2 is squeaking of the 1990 film Aashiqui.
Ratings: 4/5 Review By: Taran Adarsh ​​Site: Bollywood Hungama
Aashiqui 2 brings back memories of A Star Is Born, which was done three times in Hollywood - in 1937, 1954 and 1976. Aashiqui 2 does not like his namesake. This frame boasts a contemporary, says the drama much more complex and intricate and a hearty
scope of their key players to display histrionics. Actually, it is more Aashiqui 2 antiques. It shows, in abundance, romance he witnessed in the 1970s and 1980s, which is out of place in Hindi movies today. Overall, Aashiqui 2 brings romance back into Hindi screen - intense, pure, selfless and heartbreaking. A stirring account of brilliant moments, bravura performances, strong emotional quotient and addictive music, this is an absolute must see for romantics.

Ratings: 2.5 / 5 Review By: Anupama Chopra Site: Star World (Hindustan Times)
The problem is that once you invest in these people, Suri does not take the story much further. It becomes forged excess repetitive and ultimately boring. The film however, never becomes more than the sum of its parts. I'm going with two and a half. Aashiqui 2 falls into that category of the tibia not bad. But it could have been much more.

Ratings: 3.5 / 5 Review By: Komal Nahata Site: ETC / BBC / HPBolly
The drama tells the tragedy and sadness written all over it and would restrict appeal of the film to some extent. Although the film is aimed at young people, the tragedy may not appeal universally because young people today prefer watching movies happy. The tragic hero would have been a big star, it would have been a different case, the charisma of the star would have added to the appeal of the overall character.On, Aashiqui 2 is an entertaining film with hit music and the nature of sacrifice as heroin greatest strengths. It will keep its distributors smiling.

Ratings: 2.5 / 5 Review By: Karan Anshuman Site: Mumbai Mirror
Mohit Suri is a director who knows his craft and is still making films in the knowledge and heart. Aashiqui 2 delicate handling definitely feels more than the execution of a script. It's just that your audience needs to be in a similar space of mind to really enjoy this film. Sure it has its moments music, but does not actually say anything new.

Ratings: 3.5 / 5 Review By: Madhureeta Mukherjee Site: Times of India (TOI)
Musical love story Mohit Suri does not take much resemblance to the original cult film Aashiqui ', but has its own pace. Launch of the old tale of romance, high drama and heartbreaking moments well developed. He tunes the first half slowly, allowing the romance to simmer in torment and triumph. Aarohi's character is endearing, but shows the innate strength. Rahul is more or less 'bottling' (like 'Devdas' with cause), with sudden outbursts of frustration and anger. The story slows down in parts and the climax may seem unrealistic to many, but perhaps a "fix" for aashiqs bitter. Note: You will not like this if staunchest romantic movies leave no excited or entertained.

Ratings: 1.5 / 5 Review By: Nishi Tiwari Site: Rediff
Suri clearly had a hard time establishing the premise and fleshing out their characters. The plot constantly weighed painfully mundane conversations (at one point, a lover RJ tells his father on the phone, "When the son is in love, the father only knows.) And does not justify the evolution of history. The young actors are just as convinced and disinterested.As I see, likely began as an idea interesting history - artists with problems, the dynamics of a relationship - finally was buried under the rubble of previous hits random reasons given by the Bhatt camp.

Ratings: 1.5 / 5 Review By: Tushar Joshi Site: DNA
There are so many WTF moments' in the movie you start to lose count. From the basic understanding of the main characters. Neither Rahul nor Aarohi seem singers. His body language is too rigid and pretentious mime the free spirit of an interpreter. The floating aimlessly through life as the plastic bag from American Beauty, while its attention is divided between singing and being a part time Nurse Rehabilitation her lover. Amid the east are the time to express their love and hatred between them. Only saving grace of the film are melodic songs and background score.

Ratings: 2.5 Review By: Shubhra Gupta Site: Indian Express
The more I see these supposed love stories with promising early and then wandering around, not knowing what to do with them, the more I wonder if today Bollywood has idea of ​​real romances more. Suri has skill as a director (some of their sequences in Woh Lamhe are still in the memory), but where are the people who write good things? Once the lovers are united, and the first act is over, why all slide? This Aashiqui 2 holds promise, but does not make the most of it.

Ratings: 1.5 / 5 Review By: Saibal Chatterjee Site: NDTV
Aashiqui 2 is full of cloying nonsense that add to the molasses pointless. No amount of surface brightness can save. The film is intended, obviously, to a young audience, which probably is not the easiest to coax segment. In Aashiqui 2, some of the songs are definitely hummable, but the musical score as a whole is irregular. And the love story in which they are immersed lacks the necessary strength. So neither the film nor the music never rises above the very, very common. Fluffy and flaky, Aashiqui 2 just is not lively enough to cover the cracks. Do not strike the strings. There are not too sharp in its hackneyed saga of songs and sighs.

Ratings: 2.5 Review By: Mohar Basu Site: Koimoi
What's good: Aditya Roy Kapur is the murderer factor of this film. That's all there is to look at it. The Bad: The screenplay and dialogues which are delivered to high decibel deafening bumps are very indigestible. Loo break: If. Yes Hell yes. To see or not: Mohit Suri Aashiqui 2 wanders about a love story that turns into a complicated mess because of alcoholism. With absolutely nothing extraordinary in this mixture and Abhimaan Devdas unpleasant, I will recommend this movie only for intense action Aditya Roy Kapur.

Ratings: 2.5 Review By: Mayank Shekhar Site: Dainik Bhaskar
The protagonist here, a reproduction artist, manages to become a singing sensation in no time. Requests for autographs supporters. She does not lose her mind to personal ambition, is very focused yet. The hero does not want to return to the slot. We know very little about how it went down this path of self-destruction. Loneliness is not your concern, anger management is. Maintains mocks himself, instead of focusing on the job that gave him all the glory anyway. Why do I always feel that many of these characters should look to therapists instead of having them made movies? If it lasted longer, I need to see a psychiatrist too.

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