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Again with the diet of "Cocktail"

Aware of their increasing measures, Deepika now want to consume only the type of food he received during his last film, when she looked super-slim.
Deepika Padukone , who is known for his sculpted derriere and well toned body, has been looking a little more crowded than usual.

In a recent event of IPL, the slender actress almost out of her tight outfit and gave us a glimpse of what looked curiously voluptuous thighs. Is this new look which demands their new films, one on which one has to look voluptuous ? we ask.
A source close to the actress said : " To maintain optimal weight and height is very crucial for Deepika who has been juggling three different roles in three upcoming movies. You have to make sure to enter the locker room of the film   Ram Leela that Anju Modi recordings designed to Mumbai end of the month. But the fact is that she has grown visibly some inches to your outline what has also been captured by his close friends. "
In fact, Dippy has had a hard time supposedly managing your diet, exercise regime and hectic schedule. A friend of the actress said, "it has been difficult for her, but is aware of the extra inches she has grown and is the best way to keep it under control. She can not take the chance with Bhansali, who is quite picky when it comes to continuity . Recall how Ranveer Singh fired by trimming the mustache "? Of course I remember!
So What will Dippy? "His assistant who is in charge of your diet regime says she is under the diet followed in the time of the film   "' Cocktail ' , "says his friend.
Dippy's followers may remember that the pike very slim actress in that movie, with elegant costumes that showed off her enviable figure.
Dippy's diet at the time of ' Cocktail i ncluyó small meals every two hours and quinoa, a lovely grain from South America .
Coincidentally, the slender Dippy has often featured in his films, whether in hot pants or minis. In Ram Leela and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani she has scenes shorts, that, according to his coach, means you have to focus on staying fit exceptionally.
The Dippy diet at the time of the movie Cocktail
Breakfast : 2 egg whites or upma or poha + a glass of vegetable juice
Two hours later : Fruit + Chana
Lunch : Protein, usually fish and grilled vegetables, roti + dal 1-3
Two hours later : A fruit or vegetable juice, or tea with muffins or cookies.

Dinner: Lean meat or low fat, grilled chicken or fish.

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