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As Gauri faced the alleged relationship between Shahrukh-Priyanka.

The alleged Shahrukh-Priyanka relationship is a topic of discussion in Bollywood hot and spicy. while some say the Miss Chopra uses just the name of SRK to climb the ladder of success, others take pity on Gauri Khan. A most ridiculous rumors that was released recently, is that the alleged couple has secretly married . OMG! (Oh my God) We wonder how it must have digested Gauri. Anyway, now it seems that the first lady of Bollywood - Gauri Khan faces the full episode of PC-SRK.
Early last year, the rumor was that Shahrukh Khan gave special treatment to peecee, on other actresses. Apparently, the actor recommended producers, etc.. At that time, Gauri chose to ignore the controversy, labeling it a mere professional relationship.But slowly, PC became a regular visitor at Mannat (SRK and Gauri where they reside), making casual visits and attending parties residency.
In those days,  Gauri did slightly insecure efforts to extend a warm hand PC. According to a source, " Shah Rukh had organized a party for friends at Mannat selected his return from Berlin later date after Don 2. Priyanka was invited too. He was late, and surprisingly he passed much of the time chatting with Gauri. Each KJo was bewildered even with this new relationship. " Interestingly, Gauri also asked her close friends not to speak ill of her when warned Priyanka's intentions.
Shah Rukh-Priyanka soon began attending award ceremonies together, traveling to film festivals and even trying to get to them as a couple brand endorsements. This behavior of both began to add fuel to the fire and Gauri started having mood swings. Says a source, "There were days when he would walk aimlessly around the house wearing sunglasses and only comes out to say goodbye to their children to school. She did not take it too well and it was quite apparent. The only support I had during those days was Susanne Roshan who perhaps took a leaf from his own book (for the issue of the torrid romance of Hrithik with Barbara Mori) offering comfort to his friend. "
Matters worsened when peecee stopped being invited to parties, but then would be invited by SRK request. Even Karan Johar, who then disagreed with Priyanka, had to swallow his pride and invite Priyanka Chopra on her birthday party.
An eyewitness who attended the party reveals, "Shah Rukh played the perfect host to Priyanka. The moment she came, jumped over the couch, greeted her with a kiss on the cheek and was about introducing her to everyone. All this happened in front of Gauri who was standing in a corner holding a glass to a soft drink. After returning home, the couple had a big fight where they both gave each other the ultimatum. Gauri was clear that she did not want her husband to work with Priyanka. Shah Rukh on the other hand took the warning and continued courting Chopra ".
Realizing that his spoiled reaction negative things even more Gauri finally decided to drop the situation. It was pretty obvious at an event recently when Gauri made a single appearance, elegantly dressed. She was seen talking to almost everyone at the party, flashing (or may have been faking) a big smile. An insider revealed, "Gauri seems to be a new person. It has taken an interest in reading, meditation, taking a spiritual path. Their insecurity about losing her husband has disappeared and they talked with her recently just talks about how shines and radiates happiness ".
What is the case, we sincerely wish the best for Khandaan Khan.
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