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Commando and Nautanki Saala Week One Business

Commando’s first week domestic net collection were in the region of Rs. 17.5 crores. The film has done well in single screens especially in Bihar, CP and CI territories. Some multiplexes in Mumbai have also done a decent business. The distributor’s share for the film for the first week will hence be around 9 crores which is decent but the film needs another 4 – 5 crores to break even as the budget is around 15 crores. If it collects that then Commando will be an average fare else it will be losing.
Nautanki Saala’s first week domestic net box-office is around Rs. 16.5 crores. The majority of the collections have from Mumbai and Mysore circuit followed by Delhi and Punjab circuit. It is said that the producers of Nautanki Saala have already made their money by selling the all India rights to Wave Distributors who have bought the film’s rights in 12 crores. The producers have also earned from Satellite and other rights. But Wave will lose money as Nautanki Saala will not be able to do a business of 24 crores. Hence, Nautanki Saala will be a below average fare for the distributors.
Both films are not likely to add much in their second week as there is a huge reduction in the number of screens. 

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