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Gracy Singh, Sufi singer Ali Mudasir support farmers in Maharashtra

Artists do not think they are normal people who are people who are affected and inspired both by the events of this world. Therefore it is not surprising that more than 32 artists have joined a painting exhibition of various works, aptly titled Sanyog to help farmers of Maharashtra. Therefore, I decided to give my support to the cause, "says the actor Gracy Singh, who along with Sufi singer Mudasir Ali inaugurated the exhibition at Coomaraswamy Hall, Chattrapati Shivaji Sangrahalaya.

Says Satish Patil, whose creation has given birth to this movement, "are simple artists, not a social organization that can collect millions. Thing we aspire to do is just get our work together and give the proceeds to help farmers throughout we can.'m very happy that Mudasir Gracy Singh and Ali are standing by us in this cause. "

Actually, it was an idea that was ruminating Satish's mind for long. He says, "I talked to my friends, and they in turn discussed with friends and soon had a stroke."

When you appreciate the effort, Satish prefer to be straight and to the point: "It's not big or something out of this world, our thinking.'s Something I think each of us should consider and implement," says Satish when he speaks of his painter friends. "If each of us open our hearts and pockets, there would be no starving farmer in India."

Sanyog is on at Coomaraswamy Hall, Prince of Wales Museum, Fort, from April 26 to April 28.

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