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I was not able to concentrate on my shot because of IPL: Poonam Pandey

Cricket is a religion in India and in the God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar comes out to bat no one can keep their eyes away from the action. A similar situation has been playing up on the sets of actor's debut film Nasha.Poonam_Pandey Poonam Pandey

Since the IPL season has kicked six, action games Nasha is set to cricket matches. even during the filming of the scenes Poonam Pandey has been quite distracted with the action on the field. So much so that the director of the film had to really stop the shooting and Poonam allow to satisfy his desire and feast your eyes on the action on TV.

"I love cricket and I was not able to concentrate on the shooting during IPL matches. Especially when Mumbai Indians were playing and Sachin was out there in the middle. Director and finally had to give me pause to catch the party allows, "said a blushing Poonam.

And shortly after the game was over and the adrenaline faded, Poonam was back on the sets to give opportunity. And to the delight of all, Poonam had returned to be strong and keep the following series of scenes on the first take.

The director was delighted with renewed energy levels and decided that all scenes be shot right after watching games Poonam ends.

"The director noticed the difference in the intensity of Poonam in the scenes and told the crew to bother anyone Poonam while she is watching the games," revealed a source from the sets of Menasha.

In response to the new rules on Nasha games, Poonam Pandey said, "What I can say.'m A girl from Bombay and see my team play the field excites me."

Let's see how the adrenaline in IPL matches is specified on the screen when Nasha reaches the silver screen.

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