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It's all in the numbers.

A firm believer in numerology, SRK now insists that the digits 555 and 40, even for your mobile phone.

The stars usually have strange quirks and Shah Rukh Khan is no exception. As much as he would like the world to believe otherwise, the actor is a firm believer in numerology and the power of numbers.

So much so, that insists that all things around, at least those with a number attached must have the combination of the numbers 555 and 40. Apparently, he always had a fascination with the 555, but 40 is a recent addition to the list of favorites.

If sources close to Shah Rukh are to be believed, the last five digits of three of their personal phone numbers is a combination of 555 and 40.

His wife Gauri and key officials working with him have one or both of these numbers as part of their mobile phone numbers.

Even his closest colleague and Karuna Badwal have 80 employees in their official mobile numbers. Your car has 555 email tuition and personal identification also has a combination of these figures. In recent months, Shah Rukh has been increasingly strict about the number combinations and do not want to be associated with the number three and its multiples.

? So is a numerologist car? "Shah Rukh is not only maintained contact a reputed numerologist reveals but also the study of science," said a source close to the actor, adding: "This is a well kept secret that the only Shah Rukh who can answer your numerologist ". Well ... any ideas ....

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