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I've forgotten my MMS scandal with Sasha Agha

Son of yesteryear actress Anjana Mumtaz, Ruslaan sasha ruslaan is all set to appear in his next film based on the MMS scandal which spread like wildfire in Delhi a few years ago. Although the actor says he initially didn # # # # Q t give his approval to the project, later decided to make the movie anyway, I was impressed by `emotional story of the couple` caught in the controversy.

Maybe it also had to do with the fact that Ruslaan himself was a victim of MMS scandal similar a few years.

A source says, "The story was that he was dating Salma Agha Q # # # # s daughter Sasha and Sasha is apparently a leaked MMS, where she was seen kissing another boy.

Ruslaan immediately cut all ties with Sasha, while the girl Ruslaan blamed the leak controversy and MMS advertising media. Ruslaan has maintained a dignified silence on the matter. '

The actor says he was the emotional angle of the upcoming film that attracted him. Ruslaan says, `When Amit Kasaria director offered me the film that first said no. But later, when I heard the script, I loved everything. I wonder what happens to people who are directly affected by such a scandal. '

Speaking about the rumors whispered around that come with the MMS scandal, Ruslaan clarifies, 'I know, but it affects me somewhat. But in my daily life, I've forgotten all about it. '

What are your equations with ex today? `We solved the problems, but we have never known after the controversial MMS. Even if we run into each other in the future, we smile and we go our separate ways, "says the actor.

On the work front, the actor also has a comedy coming post this movie and also has a TV deal in its kitty

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