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Jennifer Lopez unleashes her anger against Bollywood star

Although Jennifer Lopez and Indian actor Shahrukh Khan has always maintained a close friendship, their relationship could collapse if confirmed suspicions that the interpreter Asia has been responsible for leaking to the press the stringent conditions imposed by Jennifer to perform at a massive event in India.
Last week came to light that the popular singer had lost a lucrative contract to inaugurate the new artistic edition of the cricket league in the country due to stratospheric demands, and now the environment of the New York artist is convinced that Shahrukh Khan and his production company, Red Chillies, are behind what they consider an "attack on conscience" against the public image of the Bronx diva.
 "Jennifer is smoking hot, and his team made sure to send an email to the press ensuring that the details of the concert only known by people trusted by both parties [the team of the performer and the producer of Indian actor]. It is quite unlikely that Jennifer environment itself is conspiring against her, so it is clear that the leak comes from the people of Shahrukh.Jennifer is furious at this attack on their privacy awareness and reputation. The consequences are coming, "said the newspaper The Indian Times someone close to the popular artist.
 The company that runs the Bollywood star has rushed, on the other hand, to deny this information to have spread like wildfire among the press of the Indian subcontinent, and their spokesmen point to third parties as responsible for a betrayal that, in his words, they never dare to carry out when considering Jennifer as a close friend of the famous Shahruk Khan.Additionally, to certify their willingness to restore the damaged reputation of the singer, producer Red Chillies diva strongly denies that the organization had demanded payment event in a series of flashy luxuries, including highlight a stay in a hotel five stars and made available to a private jet.

"Companies that handle all the logistics issue should be the focus of the leaks, since it is they who are the artist responsible for providing such services. Red Chillies team would never have dared to carry out such a betrayal to a person whom we consider our friend. The news published in the media are not true. It is also true that Jennifer asked a private jet to be used at any time.Like many other stars, requested certain accommodations for her and her 20 dancers: a personal chef, stylist, butler and bodyguard. But it was she who finally canceled the contract because it was not convinced with the agreement. It is true that the rejected ", told the newspaper Mumbai Mirror an anonymous source from Red Chillies.

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