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Juhi: "SRK said Bobby not be replaced"

Juhi talks about her relationship with Shah Rukh and Madhuri rivalry

We spoke to Juhi Chawla on the sets of Gulab Gang and the actress looked haggard than usual. "I've been in the climate of the last three days," Apart from the new and improved image, which was visible was the absence of its ubiquitous secretary Sanjay KS. And that we're curious ...

It seems, we see a new Juhi. What happened to Sanjay KS, his secretary of more than two decades?

Things have changed and I decided to let go of the old way of doing things. Now, I have an agency that studies my backups and movies. The important thing, I do not compete with anyone. The filmmakers know of my acting abilities and I'm only a phone call.
After so many years, you and Madhuri finally work together. How did it happen?
When you fly too high, many times, let your ego make decisions. In my case, I ended up doing to Karisma Kapoor a star in the process. (laughs) I was the first choice for Raja Hindustani. Also, also step to Dil To Pagal Hai , which was offered first. Speaking of Gulab Gang, I was taken aback when I learned that interpret the negative role. Madhuri is the heroine and I'm the evil. We tried to change a few lines of the script that was not written for me, but we have realized that the changes would not be good. Then continue with its original form.
What is the relationship between you on the sets?
Now, it's nice (smiles).
QSQT turns 25 this year. Will you attend the meeting organized by Aamir to celebrate the occasion on April 29?
I hope so. It would be fun to meet with the cast and crew. I have met Aamir and Imran in office, but never have we sat and chatted.
About SRK. It seems that your friendship with him is not the same as before ... (shakes his head)
Why are you angry with someone? I still treat everyone equally. But yeah, I have not had contact as often as you used to do with Shah Rukh with anyone else. Today, no one has time for friends.
The rumor is that the friction between SRK and you began when he replaced his brother Bobby as CEO Venky Mysore Chillies dered without informing. Your comments.
I do not know if I was informed before or after Venky took office, but Venky called me and told me about the development.
SRK? Did not tell?
Did you feel bad you?
Yes, but not because I did not inform SRK. In fact, I told Venky please follow and take his new assignment. But suddenly I started to feel bad because it hurt to work, my brother did so efficiently for a long time, now would be done by someone else.
How is Bobby now? We heard that you referred him to Jaslok?
Yes, this Jaslok is now. As for the first part of your question ... (suddenly she looks up and tries hard to control his emotions).
Now that their children have grown up, we will see making more movies?
Jhanvi has 12. Arjun has only 10. I still spend a lot of time with them. I love to teach Hindi and Mathematics, the two areas in which I feel comfortable. Jhanvi want to be a writer. Arjun is yet to be decided about his future. But they do not idolize any actor. Neither watch my films.
Why you have not worked with Salman to date?
(Laughs) Sometimes Salman is nice but sometimes I can not understand what goes on in your head.

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