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Karan Johar? Making peace with Shah Rukh Khan?

Mumbai: Both have delivered several super-successes and have been known to be very close to each other. However, things failed between the two friends a while back and since then fans have been anticipating their reconciliation.
Karan Johar extends an olive branch (make peace) Shah Rukh Khan after his friendship will crack.
As it is believed,   KJo and SRK have had a rift after Priyanka Chopra's proximity to ultimate grow stronger . Johar, who is the best friend of the wife of SRK, Gauri, did not want to ruin their paradise because of no and then expressed his anguish at the tweeter.
Since then, the film was seen socializing with Salman Khan. And that apparently widened the distance between himself and the Baadshah of Bollywood.
However, Johar has now decided to forget the past and make peace with Shah Rukh.
When questioned by a journal about their plans to work with SRK, KJo said , "should (plan one) to work with. It's my family and my friend. We'll plan something. "
All ends well, is not it?
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