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Romantic movies are not my territory - Neil Nitin Mukesh

What is Neil Nitin Mukesh and his journey?
Neil Nitin Mukesh is a very simple man. I have a 9 to 5, after I get back to my family, which is my mother and my father. I have not the guts to be in any territoty 'series', whether 'Kisser' or 'Killer'. (Laughs). My journey has been very interesting. There was a lot of up and down, but so far very intelligent grafted trip I call it. I have worked with Bollywood director Finest. There also have in my kitten a new director. I'm looking forward to it.

In your opinion, what are the films that belong to the club of 100 million rupees?
There are very few films that belong to this club. Kahaani, Barfi, English Vinglish would my examples.

So you think you're doing bad movies?
Sometimes I feel I'm doing wrong Films. It's confusing sometimes. It sometimes throws me trying to make a selection of films. But I hold my horses and again I believe in what I'm doing.

You mean the movie is changing a lot?
Yes I think cinema is changing a lot today. Today I have films like Gangs of Wasseypur, Kai Po Che doing well. It gives me a little confidence and hope.

As an actor, what went wrong with 'David'?
No. As an actor, I do my job. If it works, it works. For me, 'New York' was a commercial success. It had everything. Well directed, large-scale, etc. I like to do this kind of film. If you ask me to put my finger in a "Plug-Hole 'and move for 20 minutes to generate a few laughs, you may not feel comfortable doing.

When you do a romantic film? Why do movies always dark and edgy?
No question Mr.Shah Rukh Khan when he will make a film of a 'edgy' 'Dark' or? Romantic movies are not my territory, There are so many movies that I refused and were disasters. For example 'Luck' was offered to me, 'Blue' was offered to me. I can see in "Saat Khoon Maaf ', which was only 20 minutes from me, but still made an impact. Whether these films are successful or not, but have always been appreciated. And that's the reason I'm sustainable.

Any movie that has worked very hard and did not work?
(Immediately) Jail. I was really upset when the prison was not working. I had put in my heart, my soul in prison. The film taught me a lot in life, not to 'wait'. I used to expect much from jail. Madhur Bhandarkar, Intelligent Movies, Cinema Serious, and suddenly did not do well. I realized people are not willing to see that kind of movie.

And what does that say about 'Shortcut Romeo'?
Shortcut Romeo is a film very "Kameena '. (Laughs).'s Very different from the original (Tamil Version). When the film came to me, I really liked my character. Always wanted to have that factor" X Haraamipan''' (sorry) Pardon my language. And the film has that Factor 'X'. There are plenty of cat and mouse in the movie. We've added a lot of twists and turns. There are many interesting deliciously evil character of this kind. And coming to the commercial cinema Shortcut Romeo will be my answer to that.

Also, is "Dussehra 'is a commercial film as well?
Dussehra is a hardcore action film out. You will see me fight with 30 men. But the film has some amazing performances too.

Are you producing a movie too?
Yes I'm producing a film called 'Paidaar'. Eternal means. I wrote the film as well. I have intended to shoot the film later this year.

What are you fond of?
People call me a 'Gadget-Freak'. I have this habit of buying Gadget for me. Rather not go to buy clothes, but I prefer to buy Gadget. Recently I got a projector that is 4 inches. You can connect it to your phone R, and get a 100 inches to your wall. And I have a 3-inch Bluetooth keyboard that can be connected to any of your instrument, and the spectacle of a "laser keyboard" in the air.

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