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Shah Rukh Khan is set to Wai

From that schedules the movie tapes Chennai Express  began inWai, sources say that Shah Rukh Khan almost had established his home and office in the village. The actor had moved to Wai, Panchgani just off to concentrate on his movie opening on Eid with Akshay Kumar upcoming film "Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Again".
And not just the film, SRK had also been recording for all your backups Wai brand.
A source says , " SRK has been in Wai to leave no part unturned in the production of his film Chennai Express. He has also been doing his other work there. Last month, he has recorded for five advertisements there, including a brand of tea and car. The people in charge of marks Wai had to travel to get the job done . "
A source close to the star says SRK currently focuses solely on Rohit Shetty's next film. "He's a perfectionist and considering that premieres on Eid, he is juggling time between film, their propaganda and their other work commitments."
The sources added that while 80 percent of the recordings are completed, the final schedule of the film recordings just moved to Kerala.

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