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Uday rescues peecee

Even with the team  Priyanka Chopra take action after the report of Mumbai Mirror about the impasse of the remains of his assistant  Jiban Patra , it appears that the actress may be to thank for YRF true stem out of the mess.
Peecee arrived in the city on Tuesday morning and responded quickly to the indifference and delay claims made ​​by various communities in the U.S. after reports arose that the body of Patra had remained in a morgue for lack of funds and logistical support.

Mumbai Mirror has learned that  Priyanka , who was found April 7 in a legal problem about the mysterious and unnatural death of Patra in her hotel room, she called someone she has not been in contact since the failure of his movie Pyaar Impossible in 2010.
Uday , who spends most of his time in Los Angeles these days, he received a call from a hysterical  Priyanka , who informed him about their plight. Priyanka Uday told her to calm down and assured him that he would study the matter. A few minutes later he called again and said his personal attorney would take the case.
And it was only after the lawyer Uday, Arnold P Peter, who handles cases related to the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, took action, as well as  Priyanka was allowed to plan his return to India.
Meanwhile ...
Back home, she offers help to relatives Jiban
The manager of the star, Natasha Pal told the media that the remains of Jiban Patra will be brought to Mumbai this week. Answering specific questions submitted by Mumbai Mirror, she said: "Mr Patra is expected to reach India this week. The repatriation process is underway as we speak. " She also added that the financial commitments for the repatriation of the body have been met by Priyanka.
"Priyanka has spoken to the deceased's family, too," he said. According to sources, the actress was not familiar with the family of Jiban as he often was employed as an assistant which caused delay in obtaining permission for the process. "Have you talked to the father of Jiban and he said it was of interest her daughter Priyanka silent about Jiban's death, " the source said, explaining why the actress never uttered a word about the death of Jiban to our reports.
Asked why he did not stay until the remains of Jiban were transported and paperwork completed, his friend said: "The process was being run by a law firm, who assured him that his presence was crucial.
However, communities in the U.S. that had taken up the cause of Patra since his death, suggest that the actress and her team have taken things very calmly. "We can not understand why Natasha Pal, his manager left USA without informing. In his talks with the president of OSA and the president of TANA (Telugu Association of North America), separately assured them that once the NOC is received claim the body and send it to India, "said the treasurer of OSA, Sushant Satpathy an email interaction with Mumbai Mirror, added, "We do not expect this type of non-cooperation of Priyanka when only trying to help." Priyanka's team maintains that she was not required to be in contact with voluntary associations, as she was the office of the judge and the law firm directly.
Priyanka arrived in Mumbai on Tuesday and in response to the article in Mumbai Mirror (from 15/04/13) released an official statement expressing grief over the death of his staff.
Mumbai Mirror
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