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Watch Ek Thi Daayan 'for Emraan, Konkona and Kalki

Ek Thi Daayan us take a stroll through the world of Black Magic, myths, witches and of course the stories told to us by our parents or grandparents during our childhood.

They used to tell these stories when we were very naughty, out of control and refused to sleep in our bed on time. Do ghosts, witches spirits exist? What is black magic? Some might believe, some do not.

The tells the story of Bobo (Emraan Hashmi) who is India Q # # # # s master magician. But, without even his girlfriend Tamara (Huma Qureshi), Bobo # # # # Q s life is falling apart. Their regular hallucinations leave you no choice but seek psychiatric help.

Bobo had a childhood past dark and creepy.

A scary story about his childhood surfaces involving a powerful call to Daayan (Konkona Sen Sharma). She has destroyed not only his family, but also promised to come back to haunt Bobo. They say that life lived on long hair!

Bobo chooses to ignore it and move on with your life. Bobo is having a wonderful career and amazing love life. Enter the beautiful and stunning Lisa Dutt (Kalki Koechlin). Bobo is convinced that is the same Daayan. And this time he returned to take everything he had left behind before.

Emraan Hashmi rocked as usual, despite the presence of other three actresses. The actor only grows in every movie with his wonderful performance. But the film belongs Daayan fully aware Q # # # # s.

Konkona Sen Sharma is just amazing and extraordinary. This is his first film in the horror genre, and she's amazing. Kalki Koechlin looked perfect in character with the kind of attitude. The only actress in the movie was irritating Huma Qureshi.

Somehow, the actress looked very over-confident in their scenes. Pawan Malhotra, Rajatava Dutta (Emraan played the Q # # # # s doctor) were remarkable.

Director Kannan Iyer chose a wonderful script but for some reason did not seem convincing on screen. There was much confusion with Kalki Koechlin # # # # Q character s towards the climax. The film is too long after the point of Interval.

A filmmaker loses his battle when spectators start to feel when this movie gets over! This is what exactly happens when Ek Thi Daayan comes with it Q # # # # s second half.

In the musical, the songs of the movie are good. Especially Yaaram, Kaali Kaali and main Lautungi sound out of this world. Background score of the film also deserves special mention. Helps the creepy atmosphere. The camera work of the film is first class.

Ek Thi Daayan only and only works for the superb performances of Emraan Hashmi, Konkona Sen Sharma and Kalki Koechlin. I have my doubts whether the movie will become a cult or a classic. The film viewers can identify with, but the second half will display confusing uncomfortable.

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