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Yes Boss!

As a fan disabled Kolkata had its first meeting with Shah Rukh Khan .

It was the perfect time for thefan harshu 21 (aka Boss) of Kolkata . The young disabled diehard fan of Shah Rukh Khan and his IPL team, got a chance to meet in person with the star on Tuesday afternoon.
And thanks to this close and personal, Boss managed to have the opportunity to meet the entire team of SRK and even cheer for them.
Bosss The lovely mother, Rajani Goenka says, "Initially we were not allowed inside the hotel where the team and Shah Rukh remained. I went to the directors of the star. Facilitated the meeting between my son and SRK ". An intimate conversation between the boy and his idol SRK apparently continued and even Boss invited to Eden Garden to watch SRK play equipment.
Goenka added, "was a dream come true for my son and I am very happy that SRK was so kind and sweet to him. We never felt like we were meeting for the first time. " Now that's the spirit of fellowship!

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